Refund Policy

For all other refund requests which directly involve payments to, has a no refund policy.  All membership purchases, promo purchases, and purchases, or any other payments made directly to are considered final.  As a result, please review your purchase transaction prior to making any payment to since no refund will be provided.  Premium services (recurring billings) can be cancelled anytime for any reason.  Cancellations by the individual, group, or company that signed up for the premium service (collectively, the “Subscriber”) will be effective after the paid period.  In case of cancellation by the Subscriber, the period that is already paid for will not be reimbursed.  The premium service will then remain active until the end of the paid period. reserves the right to cancel premium services for any reason at any time without warning or notice, and per our discretion.

No refund will be given if the user violated any of our policies and/or guidelines.  

Additionally, will only offer reimbursements if by any chance there is an internal error which resulted in unintentional charges to a user from DJBeatStore, or any other unexpected legitimate cases which qualify for reimbursements per our Account Management Team’s discretion only.  Please note that if we have any reason to believe a user is suspected of fraudulent activity, the user will not receive a reimbursement and their account will be closed without warning or notice, and per our discretion.  Investigations for all applicable reimbursement requests can take up to 14 business days to complete by our Account Management Team from the date the request was submitted.  If the reimbursement request is found to be legitimate and applicable by our Account Management Team, the verified amount identified by our Account Management Team will be reimbursed within 21 business days of the date the reimbursement request was submitted. 

By using DJBeatStore, users agree to all of these terms and also agree to license, sell, and distribute their content and use at their own risk.