Dear artists producers and music lovers,
No Refund Policy
Due to the nature of our products, we cannot make any kind of refund. Our products consist in hours of work and knowledge in order to create unique and strong tracks, wich can be used as they are or can be remixed, edited, reworked etc, and once the products reaches your possesion, you cannot “resend” the products to us and so to get your payment refunded.

By using our service, visiting our website and buying our products, you accept the terms and conditions mentioned above. It is in your duty to acces this page and read the terms and conditions, and every situation where a buyer invokes that he didn’t knew or read the terms, will not be taken into consideration.


All samples & loops which can be purchased/downloaded at Djbeatstore.com are on Royalty-Free non-exclusive license, it means you CAN use this samples AS PART of your commercial and non-commercial MUSIC COMPOSITIONS for CDs, DVDs, VIDEO, MOVIES, GAMES,
WEBSITES, PRESENTATIONS etc. License is personal and NON transferable.
Sounds that You have purchased are non-exclusively licensed, NOT sold to You. You can NOT resell entire or separate elements of this pack as your own or as a part of sample library or sofware/hardware without written permission from Djbeatstore.com

Djbeatstore.com is not responsible for loss of any digital purchase for any reason, including, but not limited to hard drive failure, computer failure, software failure, back-up failure, or other cause of loss of your Djbeatstore.com digital purchases.

It is your responsibility to back-up all critical data and solely your responsibility. Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you would normally have the right to cancel the contract of sale
Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you would normally have the right to cancel the contract of sale within seven days. However, this does not relate to digital download products, which cannot be returned.
You do not have the right to cancel an order once the product has been downloaded.
This does not, of course, affect any other rights that you may have. We also cannot refund purchases for incompatibility issues.
You are responsible for making sure your PC or MAC can receive and de-compress digital products, you are also responsible for making sure your software and/or hardware plays WAV files.

If you have any additional questions regarding to our services,
contact us by mail: office@djbeatstore.com


This license agreement (hereafter referred to as the “AGREEMENT”) is made between the purchaser
(hereafter referred to as the “LICENSEE”) and the publisher
(hereafter referred to as the “LICENSOR”), in regards to the music file(s)
[[LIST_OF_PURCHASED_TRACKS]], (hereafter referred to as the “REPRESENTED TRACKS”)
on the date of [[DATE_OF_PURCHASE]] set forth below.

Exclusive Licence
Receive HQ MP3 File, WAV File, WAV Trackouts
(Individual exported tracks,loops one by one sound patterns)
Use on UNLIMITED Commercial Projects (Mixtape, Album, EP, Itunes, Streaming, Etc)
100% Royalty Free
DJBEATSTORE.com (The Producer) Maintains Ownership Of The Beat
Must Credit “DJBEATSTORE.com (The Producer)”
Contact: office@djbeatstore.com for Youtube Monetization, TV Sync Licenses, for Radio use
NO Ownership

The mechanical, synchronization, and performance rights granted to the LICENSEE
within the AGREEMENT include (1) right to re-record, duplicate and release the
REPRESENTED TRACKS as part of a production in whatever medium(s) necessary
(i.e. video tape, film, CD-ROM, DVD). If the music is used in software such as a video
game application or other software product, the music must be “embedded” so that the end user
of the software or video game is unable to extract or use the music on its own;
(2) right to use the music as a soundtrack “synced” with visual images as part of a production;
and (3) right to use the music as part of the public viewing or broadcast of a production
(including but not limited to TV shows, videos, DVDs, Web Sites, podcasts, multimedia presentations, and films).

The rights granted to the LICENSEE do not permit the LICENSEE to
(1) claim ownership or authorship of the music represented under this AGREEMENT; (except in case of buying “own it license”
(2) transfer, share or sub-lease this license agreement with any other party;
(3) copy or duplicate the REPRESENTED TRACKS except for use in the LICENSEE’S productions;
(4) permit any other individual or third party the right to use the REPRESENTED TRACKS in place of the LICENSEE;
(5) resell, trade, or exploit for profit the REPRESENTED TRACKS contained herein outright
or as part of other music and/or audio-related collections, in part or in whole,
to any other individual or party (although the music can be sold as part of the production,
which is a clear and distinct product from REPRESENTED TRACKS themselves.)
The LICENSOR maintains all intellectual property rights with regard to the marketing and sales of all tracks
and any infringement thereof is punishable by law.

The territory of this contract is the world.

DJBEATSTORE.com (The Producer)

The term of the contract is effective on [[DATE_OF_PURCHASE]] pending that the payment of FEES and delivery
of REPRESENTED TRACKS have occurred. The duration of the AGREEMENT shall continue throughout duration
of the lifetime of the LICENSEE.

The LICENSEE agrees to pay the LICENSOR a one-time fee of [[COST_OF_PURCHASE]].
The LICENSEE will not owe any future additional royalties or fees to the LICENSOR
for future use of the REPRESENTED TRACKS within the terms of this AGREEMENT.